Parsun outboard


Parsun outboard

Parsun is China's largest outboard brand

If we exclude Evinrude, Mercury and other "foreign" brands that have production of outboard motors in China are Parsun for 80% of all outboard production in China. Parsun produces annually about 35 000 outboards and aim, within a few years to have an output of over 100,000 outboard motors per year. Parsun manufactures 4-stroke outboards of between 2.6 and 25 hp, plans are that within a few years also come with 40, 50 and 60 hp four-stroke outboards. Parsun also manufactures two-stroke outboard motors 20-80 hp, due to environmental requirements are those not available in Europe.

Parsun spare parts / exploded view

Parsun 4-stroke outboard models and specifications

Model Parsun F2.6
Parsun F5
F5 (F4)
Parsun F9.8
F9.8 (F8,F6)
Parsun F15
F15 (F9.9)
Parsun F25
F25 (F20)
Available models F2.6BMS, F2.6BML F5BMS, F5BML (F4BMS, F4BML) F9.8BMS, F9.8BML, F9.8FWS, F9.8FWL (F8BMS, F8BML, F6BMS, F6BML) F15BMS, F15BML, F15BWS, F15BWL, F15FWS, F15FWL (F9.9BMS, F9.9BML, F9.9BWS, F9.9BWL, F9.9FWS, F9.9FWL) F25BMS, F25BML, F25BWS, F25BWL, F25FWS, F25FWL (F20BMS, F20BML, F20BWS, F20BWL, F20FWS, F20FWL)
Engine type 1-cylinder, 4-stroke 2-cylinders, 4-stroke
Power (KW) 1.9 3.6 (2.9) 7.2 (5.9,4.4) 11 (7.3) 18.4 (14.7)
Full throttle operating range 5250-5750 4000-5000 5000-6000 (4500-5500) 4500-5500 5000-6000
Displacement (cc) 72 112 209 323 498
Bore x stroke (mm) 54x31 59x41 55x44 59x59 65x75
Length x width x height (cm) S:65x34x101
Weight (kg) S:18 L:19 S:24.5 L:25.5 S:38 L:39.5 S:49 L:51 S:66 L:68
Gear ratio 2.08(27/13)
Gear positions Forward, neutral Forward, neutral & reverse
Ignition system TCI CDI
Cooling system Water
Starting system Manual Manual (M) / Electric (W)
CONTROL SYSTEM Tiller Tiller (B) / Remote (F)
Fuel tank (L) 1.1 1.3 12 24
Maximum fuel waste (L/h) 1.1 2 (1.6) 3.4 (2.8,2.1) 5.3 (3.5) 9.2 (7.3)

This site is published by the company China Boat & Marine to provide information about Parsun outboard motors in Europe. China Boat & Marine is a Swedish company that distributes Parsun outboard engines in Sweden.